Saturday, May 24, 2014

Traveling to Merida Mexico for Dental, Medical, Plastic Surgery Needs - Best Dental work at 1/8 cost of U.S. dentist.

This blog is about dental and plastic surgery tourism in Merida Mexico.

I have gone to Merida Mexico to the dentist twice now.  Once in 2007 and again this year (May 2014).

This past trip I took videos and pictures of my time there.  I did this so people can see, Merida is safe and a great place to go to get major dental work that is very expensive and can be un-affordable for people in the United States.

During the 2 trips to the dentist in Mexico (which is the best dental work I have ever had in my life),   I have had the following combined dental work: 7 crowns, 2 root canals (complicated due to calcifying of roots), 9 fillings (all old mercury fillings taken out and replaced), 30 x-rays, teeth cleaned each time and polished.

My first trip I had 4 crowns, 8 mercury fillings taken out and redone, x-rays, cleaning, polishing and it was a total of $1200.  This last trip I had 2 complicated root canals, 3 crowns, 1 filling, 20 x-rays, cleaning and polishing, plus a special made night mouth guard for a total of $1311.

 My total cost for the dentist with both dental trips combined of all the work above has been $2511.

This last trip, my airfare and 1 week hotel stay was a combined $987.00, which I booked  online with the guarantee.  With CheapAir's exclusive Price Drop Payback book with confidence. If fares drop after buying, we'll credit you the difference

I have a short video documentary of the this last trip for people to see what Merida is like and  pictures of the dentist with video.  It  includes the consultation I had with Dr. Nunez, the plastic surgeon in Merida.

I have a bad problem with brown spots all over my face.  This is all sun damage due to when I was younger and lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean and then living in the Virgin Islands and being out in the sun all the time.  It is actually very embarrassing to me.  I wanted to get a CO2 laser treatment in Mexico with a plastic surgeon.  No one down there offers that due to the Mexican's skin tone.

I went to Dr. Nunez, a highly recommended plastic surgeon.  He was recommended to my by the dentist and I researched him and found he was the most respected plastic surgeon in Merida.  I had a consultation with him.  It was decided I would get 15 units of Botox and a fat Transfer.  The fat transfer was $8000 pesos, which came to $640 at the 12.5 pesos per dollar exchange I got while down there. The 15 Botox units was $3000 Pesos, which came to $240 U.S. dollars at the 12.5 exchange rate.    I spent a total of $880 for both Fat transfer and 15 units of Botox.

This my first post.  I will be adding a lot of information about going to Merida for dental work and plastic surgery.

Merida Mexico has one of the best hospitals in the world too, Star Medica.  Merida is considered the medical captial of Mexico.  I met many people from all areas of Mexico in Merida, who were there to see doctors.  Many people come from Canada to go to my dentist besides other places in the world.  In the video you will see a woman from Canada at the dentist discussing that.

You can find Quality Dental's website in Merida here. 

If you would feel more comfortable with my helping you out on your trip by making appointments with you and helping you get there besides where to stay and great places to eat, and arranging tours to see pyramids. I will be happy to help you arrange your trip. You can contact me at  It really is worth going to Merida for dental work.

Here is a video showing me at the dentist, plastic surgeon and what Merida is like from walking, taking a cab and the scenes of Merida.


I had done a lot of research, ( for a few weeks) about the dentist and Merida before I had ever gone there initially 7 years ago.  I found that Dr. Camara was the highest recommended dentist there, where people from around the world go to him.  The day I was there 7 years ago, the U.S. consulate was also there to get dental work at the same time.

Dr. Camara's Quality Dental email address is:  dr javier camara <>

Dr. Nunez - Plastic Surgeon email address is: fernando nuñez <>

Update 5/26/14 - Yucatan Times put my blog and video up on their front page.   The link goes to the article.

Video showing location of Merida Mexico and how to get there.

This video shows the location of Merida Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula and how to getg there from Cancun if you decide to fly in there.

The Merida government's tourism site is here. 

This shows where Merida is on the Yucatan Peninsula.  How to get from Cancun to Merida on the ADO bus,

About Merida and the temperature and weather,_Yucat%C3%A1n

The map of Merida, location of Chichen Itza and the beach.,-89.5077317,10z

Excellent Tour we took of Uxmal and Kabah Pyramids by Merida

Our private car we did our tour in

Our tour guide - Geraldo

We took a tour of Uxmal and Kabah when were had one day free from doctors.  The tour company was awesome.  We had a private car with a tour guide.  The cost was only $45 (525 pesos) each which included lunch.  The tour was from 9am until 5pm.

Our guide spoke perfect English and gave us an amazing amount of history and information about the Mayan culture that I was not aware of.   You can request Geraldo Guardian for your tour, he was fabulous!

The tour company website is below.  I will be adding a video of my pictures from the site.  The picture of my mother and I at the top is from Uxmal.  It is amazing and gorgeous.

The tour company will pick people up from the airport and take them to their hotel if desired and take people where they want to go, if they don't want to use a taxi in getting from appointment to appointment.

Needless to say, they offer tours to everywhere around Yucatan, including Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Cancun, Kabah, the beach and everywhere else.

This tour company also has chauffeured Hillary Clinton around when she was first lady.